Snowing and sunsets in Seattle...

By Jonathan Alford // 12.16.08

It snowed Saturday in Seattle. Today? Perfectly clear, the Mountain is out, and an incredible sunset on its way.  Beautiful – and rare for the gray gray gray the next 7 months.  The snow reminds me of the people, times I had, and very slight debauchery in Steamboat and Aspen as well as intense and incredibly rewarding work for the Salt Lake Olympics. Not just the places, but the people that ultimately make any experience memorable.

Travelers from 100 nations walked the Olympic venues of Salt Lake with huge grins on their faces. Beyond the guests and athletes, people like David, Santiago, Matt and a hugely impressive team helped plan and run the Games, but the volunteers made the Games what they were and delivered the experiences that made memories.

I'm feeling the same way now building for you. We have a ways to go and our heads are full of more exciting ideas and plans that we can possibly handle at once, but our aim and passion is clear - deliver experiences in travel that are as natural and tailored as possible for you.

We don't make the memories, though. Like the 30,000+ volunteers of the Olympics, travelers like you and the people you encounter make them.

The travel business is tough right now, and times are hard for many folks, but as things come around – and they will - we will be right there to offer the next evolution of online (and offline) travel for you.

Thanks for joining us in this journey, forgive the construction as we rapidly build upon our site every single day, and please let us know how you feel about it, what you’d like to see, and share your stories (Ellen, my sister, that means you)!

Happy holidays,