Travelers who inspired me the last few weeks...part IV

By Jonathan Alford // 12.11.08

IV)  Families, grandmas, lovers and more - visiting Disney...

Before you knock it, think about it – Disney really is amazing in its longevity, pioneering, appeal, and generally consistent delivery. I haven’t been to Disney World since I was 18, but happened to be wandering through Downtown Disney last night and was blown away.

Like most travel and hospitality companies, their business is probably off right now, but this place was packed on a Tuesday night. For many independent travelers, the “masses” are just what they want to avoid. And that’s perfectly fine, but this was a great reminder of how those “masses” are people, too - families, couples, and friends young and old, rich and poor – all in search of a dream and life experience for themselves and their kids just like anyone.