Captain "Sully" on the Hudson River

By Jonathan Alford // 01.16.09

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about the US Airways pilot who calmed some nervous passengers with a skilled comment about flying in turbulence.

If I learned one thing, US Airways hires good pilots.

If I can continually re-learn another after slipping every once in a while and getting cranky for a reason I forget an hour later as a traveler like anyone, these pilots and crews are true professionals whose daily work and skill often goes unheralded until something goes awfully wrong.

How about a New Year's resolution, in this economic fray full of anxiety - especially for airline employees - to let up a little on the easy targets when we're frustrated on a cramped plane, when we have to pay a few dollars for a meal, or when the baby's crying a couple rows back? It's not their fault, and when lives are on the line, how quickly things change, eh?

Thank you, US Airways crews and the crews and staffs of all airlines for working hard in a tough business with a tough audience to rise up when needed.

Safe travels, everyone.