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How to pick the best golf vacation travel company

This golf vacation may be a life-long dream, and you've worked hard.  Make sure - especially in this economy - your dollars are used for the best golf vacation experience possible.

Any trip requires detail, and an international trip compounds it - the availability of play at courses, the right hotels, drive yourself or be driven, the right size car for luggage, golfers, and clubs - especially European-size cars. 

And make sure you know how long it will take to use local roads.  You don't want to miss a tee time.

For overseas trips, we recommend a specialist, but do your research.  For domestic trips, golf vacation packagers can open opportunities you may not be able to access and provide extra value.

Here are our tips:

1) Use a company that specializes exclusively in golf vacation travel

2) Make sure it has at least 5 years of experience in golf vacation travel where you will be going

- it takes at least this long to develop the right contacts and relationships to get the job done

3) Do a "background check" on its reputation and track record.

- E-mail some of the courses they work with and ask for a simple verification of their performance

- ask for references; a reputable company will provide them

4) Find out what professional associations it belongs to

- then check and make sure it belongs to them and abides by its standards

5) Check with the tourist board of the destination country

- it cannot show any favoritism or make recommendations, but can identify companies with any track record of client dissatisfaction

6) Be wary of golf vacation companies with only a PO Box

7) Be wary of golf vacation companies with no US office

- this may not be necessary, but if you have a problem and it comes to a matter of recourse on financial or legal matters, this helps.

- if they do not have a US office, give additional attention to our other recommendations here

8) Ask if the golf vacation provider has local overseas offices where you will be going

- most do not, entrusting a representative agent or middleman that works with several companies

- this is usually okay, but establishing who will be providing your service is a best practice at minimum

9) Even in this difficult economic time, don't let price be the only factor

- weigh all factors jointly; remember, this is likely the culmination of a lot of your hard work and time, and the experience, memories and stories will rest on the execution of many factors

10) That said, it's a great time to be buying!