Medical tourism and travel insurance — A Medical Traveler's guide


The essential guide to evaluating a Medical Tourism provider's track record

Planning to travel globally for pleasure can be daunting enough.  Choosing a Medical Travel facilitator that will guide you in making critical and excellent medical choices, provide peace of mind, and generate great value is the first critical step in the process.

How can you tell a reputable company from a glorified travel agent with no more than a slick website?  Here are factors to weigh in selecting the true global health care companies from those that should set off alarm bells.

by WorldMed Assist


What do Medical Travel Facilitators offer?

1.  Hospital prequalification.  It can be very difficult to discern from internet research alone which hospitals will meet your needs.

2.  Doctor prequalification.  A strong medical tourism company has done extensive research and can guide you in selecting the best providers for you, helping you make the right decisions on whom to trust with your well-being.

3.  The power of numbers.  A well-established facilitator will have developed personal relationships with key staff in the hospital. You will see the results when it comes to which doctor will treat you, the room type and personal attention you may receive, and more.

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How is the company’s attitude?

1. Does the company demonstrate that your improved health is its top priority?

2. Is the company willing to spend whatever time it takes to fully understand your personal needs and medical situation? Is there evidence of genuine concern for the condition you’re suffering?

3. Will the company work collaboratively with you?

4. Do they take the time to call you and guide you through the process, or are you forced through a cookie cutter approach that mainly relies on emails.

5. Does the company help you understand and simplify the complexities of your treatment options?

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Does the company offer full cost disclosure?

1.  Will the hospital you choose provide a fully itemized invoice? If not, there is likely a stiff mark-up from the facilitator, and good companies charge only what you would pay were you to contact the hospital directly. You will also need an itemized invoice for your tax return.

2.  Does the company provide a written contract prior to committing to their service?

3.  Does the contract clearly spell out who will do what?

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How should you evaluate service and credibility?

1.   What have other patients experienced?

2.  Will they put you in touch with previous patients?

3.  How long been have they been in business?

4.   Do they offer enough expertise, service and convenience to justify their fee?


Does the company provide a full array of customized services to facilitate your medical travel?

1. Do they make everything easy, so all you have to think about is packing and getting to the airport?

2. Do they assist in making your travel, lodging and ground transportation arrangements, and then pass along discounts from their travel partners?

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What is the quality of staff and hospital partners?

Quality of staff and communication

1.  Does the company have medical professionals on staff?

2.  Is the staff large enough to ensure personalized service from departure to return? Beware that if your initial communication isn’t promptly and professionally answered, the situation is unlikely to improve when careful, attentive and personalized follow-through becomes more critical.

3.  Do their English skills enable you to communicate clearly and comfortably? If you can’t understand them while researching your decision, imagine the complications should you need their advocacy to resolve a serious concern while you’re abroad.

4.  Can you communicate with them at a time convenient to you or are you forced to talk in the middle of the night because they are located several time zones away?

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