Westlake Village Inn


What better time to indulge in a short getaway drizzled with spa and good food than during Christmas?
That is exactly what we did. I impatiently seized the opportunity to visit the adorable Westlake Village Inn in Southern California with my husband and son. And what an experience that was!

Westlake Village Inn
Westlake Village Inn

What if I tell you that we were able to spend Christmas as elegantly and joyfully as one can wish for with all the seasonal decorations, genuine fireplace in our room, delicious food, great staff, and a European flair? Here is what I mean.

The Grand Fireplace Westlake Village Inn
The Grand Fireplace


When the friendly staff welcomed us at the entrance, I was stunned by the grand fireplace in the lobby. My first thoughts were that we should just leave our bags in our room and rush back to soak up the holiday atmosphere given its festive ambiance. But our suite had its very own fireplace in the living room!

I managed to put my bag down and kept staring outside because there was a wonderful view from our window. Ducks and geese were lazily waddling along the lavish lawns. We could see a water creek, cascading waterfall, and serene lake that adorned the landscape ending in a golf course.

“Would you like a glass?” I heard my husband saying. An elegant complimentary champagne bottle was waiting for us in the suit, a lovely touch that made us remember that the festive season had already begun and we should try to immerse ourselves in it. Even a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider for our teen son!

“I have another surprise for you” my husband added.
And so, our Christmas stay at the Westlake Village Inn actually kicked off with a relaxation.


The Spa at the Westlake Village Inn was rich in facilities. My son wanted to see the steam room, the sauna was my husband’s choice, and I immediately went for a massage for tension release. It was obvious that there were some top-notch skincare products used at the spa, so I also had to indulge myself in a facial massage. This was a perfect time for a rejuvenating treatment before our Christmas Eve celebration.

The Spa at the Westlake Village Inn

When going back to our room, I remember thinking that the Inn was right when promising a real “tucked away feeling in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains” with European flair of the famous “joie de vivre” style. Here I was, refreshed from all the oils and minerals at the spa but little did I know that we were yet to be transported into a true European escape.


If you like artisanal cheeses and exquisite wines, you are in for a treat at the Stonehaus coffee house and winery. This Italian-inspired place welcomed us with an enchanting landscape of grapevines. Imagine sipping on rich coffee with a view of Italian-style gardens – that is what we did this Christmas.

The Californian weather was perfect. We sat at the table soaking up the breathtaking sunset over the grapevines or having an opportunity to enjoy this Italian-like moment in the middle of the US.

“Just like we were in Italy, don’t you agree?” I asked my husband who is of Italian origin.

The Stonehaus coffee shop turns into the winery in the evening showcasing a lovely private vineyard with the Italian-styled enoteca. If you like to spend more time here, you can also treat yourself to wood-fired pizza in this beautiful outdoor ambiance.

As for me, my elegant glass was almost empty and I was looking forward to seeing a dining extravaganza we were about to experience at the Mediterraneo restaurant at the Inn.


This was the fine dining gem called Mediterraneo at the Westlake Village Inn we didn’t expect. Even though we heard a lot of nice things about the hotel, nothing could prepare us for such an array of scents and flavors.

Oksana and son Alessandro
Dinner at the exquisite Mediterraneo Restaurant

As we walked in, I was immediately in awe of the mixture of elegance and tradition of the space which was tastefully decorated to mark the holidays. The festive spirit was almost palpable while the spectacular Christmas menu was just overwhelming. Luckily, the welcoming staff was here to help.

While enjoying an array of appetizers bursting with seasonal flavors, we were looking at each other smiling and giving thanks for having such a marvelous Christmas this year. Christmas is all about family and my stay at the Inn wouldn’t be the same without the two most important men of my life. Sharing moments like these with your loved ones is what stays with you forever and I was sure that we just made a few more memories to cherish.

“Should we continue with something more traditional?” my husband asked.

Short Ribs and Tuna Tartare at the Mediterraneo

The menu featured traditional holiday fare but also incorporated a selection of innovative dishes. We went for a mixture of roasted meats, fish, and festive sides that were just excellent. The blend of flavors was accompanied by an impeccable presentation. I couldn’t help but wonder if those dim lights and cozy fireplaces around us added to the delicious bites we enjoyed throughout the evening. After offering our compliments to the chef, Mediterraneo manager Bill Haig came to our table to personally greet us.


“This all seems like an open-air villa in the Mediterranean” my Italian-born husband sighed.
I touched his hand while my son wanted to know more about the Italian coast. And so, we were easily transported to Italy thanks to the ambiance and flavors of this fine resort in California.

Me with my husband Alex and son Alessandro
Enjoying the Christmas season with my husband Alex and son Alessandro

When I came back and was asked how we spent Christmas at Westlake Village Inn, my first words were:

“It was like a symphony, an intricate delight of comfort, taste, and festive flair!”

Oksana® Kolesnikova, is an internationally renowned pianist and composer, educator, innovative music and language curriculum developer, and personal mentor to the franchise owners of Oksana® Enrichment Programs. She is the CEO of three companies: Oksana® Management Group, Inc. (OMG, Inc.), Oksana® Enrichment Programs, and Oksana® Foundation. In 2019, she launched franchising opportunities for her scholastic and arts-focused business, which was already successfully operating with a large roster of instructors and was established in numerous schools. Born from her love of music performances, composing, and teaching music and languages to students, she sought to provide a quality-based resource for student enrichment beyond what her high-demand, one-on-one lessons would allow. A remarkable example of “The American Dream,” Oksana® is the beautiful face for her brand, bestowing upon it her golden combination of diligence, drive, global outreach, entrepreneurial spirit, and sheer talent.


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