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The Climb for Clean Water

On March 6th 2010, 27 individuals from around the world completed the Climb for Clean Water on behalf of the Water School. The climb raised money for sustainable clean water initiatives in third world countries. This initiative raised almost $200,000 thanks to many generous sponsors. Their support will save lives and supply children and families with the tools they need to provide clean water for life! Thanks to contributions to the climb, over 20,000 people will have clean water for life! One of the best parts is knowing that 100% of the donations will go directly to the field projects in Africa and Haiti. This is thanks to a generous donor who has covered all TWS administration costs for 2010! That means each and every cent is going directly towards implementing the Water School Program, which is proven to protect children and families from death due to consumption of contaminated water.

For the climbers, the six-day trek was one of the greatest accomplishments they have ever achieved.  I was fortunate enough to be part of this amazing adventure.  Below is a brief summary of each day:

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Photo by Boar's Head Inn

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Clouds and hilltops streamed past the window as the iron condor gently rolled with the valley into the Incan heartland. Llamas grazed uncomfortably close, ambivalent to yet another flying load of tourists whose imagination could already see a city in ruin perched atop tropical mountains, Machu Picchu.Macchu Picchu

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