Palm Springs Fashion Inspiration – What I Wore

Palm Springs Fashion

Palm Springs Fashion is all about color.

Vibrant and bold and all mixed together. It is such a pretty city, and it’s what I love most about it. The colors.

I knew when planning my trip I would want to match the vibes of Palm Springs by adding as much color as I could to my outfits.

I just went this March, and usually mid March in Palm Springs is when the weather starts heating up. It was high 60s/low 70s the first 2 days and then the 3rd day was the hottest at 80 degrees.

If you want to see my bikini choices for beautiful Palm Springs, head over to my full Palm Springs Guide here.

Without further ado, here are the fits!

Palm Springs Day One

Today was a very ORANGE day. It matched the vibes of Palm Springs perfectly. These flared out pants are adorable and I didn’t realize how well they fit Palm Springs until I went around to all the stores and almost all of them sold this type of pant. Theses retro white platforms were adorable and really matched the bold, eccentric side of the city. Love!!!

Palm Springs Day Two

Day two was bit warmer, so I decided to go with a very bright, colorful, flowy dress. I liked how with this dress I could wear it off my shoulders, or I could wear it on my shoulders for a slightly different look. It was just right for Palm Springs, and it swayed perfectly in the the wind. Paired with gold strappy heels, it made for a beautiful look.

Palm Springs Day Three

Day three was the hottest of the days. So naturally I saved the coolest outfit for last. A very blue jean skirt, silky yellow top, with some cute furry white heels. Paired with my favorite part of the outfit, a very colorful, stylish purse. While there is already a lot of color going on, the purse is really what makes it pop. I kept the shirt and bottoms simple so that I could wear this unique purse without making the outfit too busy. It really complimented everything! Also, the bubble braids really added a fun touch 🙂

My boyfriend Andrew gets an honorable mention, for his very colorful shirt matched perfectly with my outfit.

I had so much fun putting these outfits together, and I had even more fun wearing them in Palm Springs. If you’re going to Palm Springs, send me your looks for a chance to be featured on another Palm Springs Fashion Inspiration. Until next time, Palm Springs! <3


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